• 1. How long does it take to ship?

    Actual shipping time from our warehouse to any destination in Canada and US is approximately 7-15 business days.

  • 2. Are your products insured during shipping?

    Yes, all our products are insured during shipping.

  • 3. I ordered a few days ago, but I still have not received my tracking number. Why?

    Tracking numbers are provided once the products have been picked up by the shipping company. Only then can we provide you with a tracking number.

  • 4. Can I pick-up parts locally?

    We only ship parts to customer’s location because we operate strictly a distribution facility. If you are located within Toronto area we charge $20 for delivery .

  • 5. I got my order but now I noticed there is damage on the parts, what steps should I take?

    If you received any part with damage please take several pictures and email them to us. Please do not wait. Once we received your pictures we can file a claim with shipping company and replace any broken parts. Parts are only insured for replacement cost and we cannot refund your purchase price. We will take care of the claim process; please do not file a claim yourself.

  • 6. What is your policy on returns?

    We accept returns within 30 days of delivery . Items must be in new condition and in the original packaging (please do not assemble, install, or modify the product in any way). Please contact us for return instructions before returning any products.

  • 7. Can you install or paint the products for me?

    We operate strictly a distribution facility. We do not do any kind of body work or customization at our active site.

  • 8. What kind of body shop should I have this kit installed by?

    When looking for a body shop to install your kit, look for one with experience in doing such installations. A body shop with 30 years experience in doing collision work but no experience in aftermarket body kits is not recommended. It would be better to take the kit to a body shop with just 2 years in business but specializing in installing aftermarket body kits.

  • 9. Is it hard to install these products?

    For an experienced body shop, it can be very simple to install our products. This is not always the case for body shops that have no experience in installing aftermarket body kits. Even though you might feel you have the experience and knowledge to install it yourself, we do not recommend for any of our customers to install the products themselves. Please be advised that our recommendation is to take it to a professional.

  • 10. Do you guarantee fitment?

    Due to the nature of aftermarket products, we do not guarantee fitment. All our products are made to the closest OEM standards possible. Also, with the vast possibilities of why products do not fit perfectly, such as accidents, heat, poor installation, etc, it is very difficult to guarantee perfect fitment. We do, however, guarantee satisfaction on our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with what you ordered, simply contact us.

  • 11. Do your kits come with hardware and instructions?

    No, we recommend having a professional body shop with experience in these products to perform installation. Simple hardware such is screws, nuts and bolts is all that may be required.


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